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Filename Guidelines

Does your company have filename standards in place?
Filenames are the original identifying digital metadata. We have developed some guidelines to assist in setting standards for your organisation.

Do your files play well with others?

Once upon a time, filenames were incredibly restricted. Names used to be limited to 8 characters! Now, with advances in Operating Systems, it can seem like a whole new world with no rules. At the same time, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems like Preferred Connection reduce reliance on filenames too. When you have rich, searchable metadata built in, it doesn’t matter quite so much what the filename is.

But it’s not quite that easy.

Software programs aren’t quite as smart and flexible as humans when it comes to deciphering filenames. Some characters have special meanings which might differ from program to program. So it’s better to avoid them altogether.

For this reason, it’s still worthwhile to put company naming conventions in place as part of your metadata management.

Because filenames are still relevant in 2020…

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