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Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2019

Our second annual report on the business of moving images.
What’s driving change in marketing, advertising and entertainment media?

It’s a time of change.

Entertainment media is being reinvented by streaming platforms – including those of the traditional broadcasters.

Online advertising budgets are migrating to video. And to mobile. The traditional TVC is far from dead, but it’s not the only format.

To keep on top of what’s happening, we surveyed film, TV and ad producers. Broadcasters, publishers. Ad agencies. Marketers and Brand Managers.

  • What’s happening to distribution channels? (For entertainment and for marketing)
  • Which formats are taking off?
  • How do companies manage the continuing explosive growth of rich media content?
  • What are the opportunities and who’s going to come out on top?
  • What’s holding our creative media industries back?

Nearly 200 Australian companies shared their thoughts with us. We’d like to share them with you.

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