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Turning film into files,
pictures into pixels

Technology is changing, older formats are degrading. Preferred Media can help set up a digitisation program to ensure you don't lose valuable historical content forever.

The Challenge

As we move further into the digital age, technology and hardware for older formats is becoming obsolete.  These older formats degrade over time, are prone to damage and take up valuable space.  Whether it be old reels of film, a library of betacam or VHS or even DVD/CDs, there is no better time than the present to bring these formats into the modern era.

The Solution

Preferred Media offer a digitisation service to meet these needs. We take your physical film, video or disk and turn pictures into pixels.  Once digitised, these newly created digital assets can be accessed within Preferred Connection, while their original physical counterparts can be accessed via the MediaVault, or retired, knowing the content is now safe.

Don’t know what is on the tapes or film? Preferred Media can analyse the items based on cataloguing and work to determine a program to fit within your budget to preserve the more valuable content.

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What our clients say

“By using Preferred Media’s Digitisation and asset management services,
we were provided with a secure and well-structured digital library of our media assets that we are able to browse and manage with ease.
Preferred Media were diligent in their approach and provide excellent customer service and support.”

Pip Ducan

Video Content Producer, Seek


Physical Archive


What’s your Preferred solution?

Our friendly staff will find a way to meet your media content management needs.

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