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For Agencies

We offer an affordable,
pain-free, and secure
Media Content
Management solution

Get back to what you love . . . creating.
We'll do the rest to ensure your content is safe for as long as you need it

Why do you need us?

You don’t know what you don’t have until you do. You’ll save time, overheads, and needless stress. When your client calls, you’ll never have to worry what their media request is for, whether it is still secure, or who worked on the project. Preferred Media will have your back.

How are we different?

We’ll help you set up parameters to make sure your clients content is safely secured in a way that works best for you both. We help keep your clients happy, by giving you a solution to deliver their media requests, quickly and easily. 

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                 All your media,
  searchable in the one place.


Security isn’t just a feature; it’s our promise. Your assets are your legacy, and we treat them with the utmost importance.


We work with agencies to meet their needs, so that you only ever pay for the services you want.

Track & Audit

We audit your media, capturing metadata, stabilising your digital media infrastructure within our Preferred Connection.


We help you track, consolidate, audit and organise your media content. Viewable access files are available for just about every asset

Tailor Made

We take the time to listen, learn, and lean into the needs of our clients. Designing tailored solutions to suit your needs.

You make it, we’ll manage it

We work tirelessly to give you the most efficient, tailor-made, service or self-managed solution. Making it simple to control both your digital and physical media. Every digital asset can have viewable access copies available online. The more metadata you provide, the more complete and seamless your experience, and the more thankful your clients will be.

We’ve mastered the art of media content management so you don’t have to. You make it, we’ll manage it.

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What our clients say

I didn’t know where to start, so I asked Preferred Media. They assessed the tapes for degradation, then remediated to the best possible capture. I was very happy with the results – professional standard digitised files. PM are the exports - it was fantastic that they knew all about it, so the whole process was really easy for me. That’s why I trust them with my archive for almost 20 years.

Anthony J Bowman

Writer/director, Archer films



Our Service


What’s your Preferred solution?

Our friendly staff will find a way to meet your media content management needs.

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