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Preferred Connection data storage architecture: Now supercharged by BlackPearl

Can anyone deny that data generation is consuming our lives? The ‘data explosion’ is real. Particularly when it comes to media files. As more and more content producers look to outsource MAM, our Preferred Connection asset management system is growing fast.

Preferred Media have upgraded our technology to support Preferred Connection’s growing data requirements. A brand new NAS and a larger LTO tape library are just bigger versions of what we had already. But the BlackPearl archive device we installed recently is more exciting. At least for us content nerds!

The BlackPearl device enables us to use the tape library in an Object-based storage architecture.

Object storage: Agility and Performance for Video storage

BLackPearl perfect for video data storage

Object-based storage is not a new concept. Basically, it’s a way of storing everything which belongs together in one place with a unique ID. It’s a flat structure – as soon as you get that ID, you can access the file, the proxy and the metadata.

You don’t get the fragmentation which block storage causes when you edit files. And you don’t waste processing power on a complex file hierarchy as file systems can. So even if the number of files increases, the file management overhead is manageable.

Object storage is well-suited for the volumes of data that businesses are managing today. It is perfect for video and media files because it handles large files, and large numbers of files with ease.

Object storage systems are also more durable. They have internal mechanisms to verify file consistency, handle failure and bit-rot.

Volume, video and durability. Three reasons object storage is great for Preferred Connection.

Preferred Connection offers much more than storage. But storage agility is key to delivering for our clients.

And with our storage now Object-based, we are seeing significant performance and capacity improvements.

Learn more about how Preferred Connection works.

Thanks to Spectra Logic for providing our new and improved storage architecture.

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