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Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018

The Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018 is now published and available online.

We surveyed people in all areas of media, from advertisers and agencies to TV, film producers and broadcasters. Some of what we found out amazed us:

Content producers are under pressure

  • 1 in 3 say getting funding is significantly more difficult
  • 52% say client budgets are decreasing
  • Traditional content commissioners are increasing in-house content production

A recent report from Screen Producers Australia noted similar issues. Challenges cited there included ‘broadcaster bargaining power‘ and a ‘trend towards vertically integrated production’. The Moving Images report notes an additional challenge for marketing content producers in particular: ‘trying to prove value when the production of cheap online videos is on the rise‘.

Marketer and advertisers embracing new channels for video

  • The most effective channel for moving image content is social media
  • Out-Of-Home is challenging TV as a video marketing channel

2 in 3 re-use content – but it’s not an easy process

At least half of respondents had issues with reformatting or rights management, but the problem most people had was simply finding the content they wanted in the first place.

The cost of poor content management is shockingly high

There’s more content than ever before, which means organising and filing is vital. Yet a third of respondents have no processes to manage their content.

Responsibility for content management is unclear too. 39% said everyone’s responsible – but then who actually does the work?’

The survey found that a stunning 12.3% of respondents have lost content completely.

But that’s  only the tip of the iceberg. Even if you don’t lose any files, looking after media content is a huge time-suck.

We asked people how much time they spent filing and looking for content – the average came out as 25 days a year!

Imagine if you could free that time up to complete another project or two. (If you’d like some help getting your time back, ask us how.)

See more results from the Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018 here

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