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Media Asset Management Calculator

How much time and money are you wasting right now?
MAM and DAM systems sound expensive – but what’s the price of not having one? Time and money spent searching for content can add up. What about project delays? Lost content? Use this calculator to learn the cost of media asset management without a DAM / MAM.

How much could you save?

Know the cost of not managing your media.

Building the business case for Media Asset Management can be a challenge. You need buy-in from multiple stakeholders. The ROI of workflow efficiencies can be difficult to pin down as concrete cost savings. How do you factor in risk of loss?

A good place to start is by working out what you’re spending now. You won’t see an invoice for ‘time spent searching for assets’. But it’s certainly a real operational expense.

Data-hungry creative assets are at the heart of creative businesses and departments. Media files in particular are unique in the demands they place on business processes. Research shows that the main time-suck is searching for assets. Ask yourself:

  • Where is it stored?
  • How many places do you need to look?
  • Do you have access?
  • Can you identify the files even if you do have access?

Time searching – and the cost of that time – is not the only consideration. Our calculator highlights other hidden costs, including delay to projects and damaged business relationships.

Take the first step to evaluating the ROI of MAM systems and media management best practices. Find out the real cost of your current systems and processes.

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