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MAM SaaS (Software as a Service) vs. MAM Managed Service

You want to take full advantage of the cloud. And you don’t want the burden of managing software, hardware, integrations and upgrades all in-house. So you’ve decided to outsource your Media Asset Management system… Sounds sensible!

The next step is to choose between the two main options for outsourcing: MAM as a Managed Service OR MAM Software as a Service?

Make sure you understand the key differences before your commit to a new system!

How do MAM Managed Service and MAM SaaS compare?

One similarity. Both are powered by Cloud.

Cloud technology has changed the way many Australian businesses buy software. The latest data shows strong growth in cloud service adoption. In 2013/14, 43% of Information, Media and Telecommunications industry companies used Cloud Computing services. That figure grew by a third in two years, to 57%. (ABS 2013/142015/16). And it’s still growing.

What’s so good about Cloud?

  • It’s easy. Painless setup, access from anywhere and no need to worry about upgrades in future.
  • Lower cost & commitment. You enjoy economies of scale, because many customers share resources. Plus, lower initial cost means a smaller commitment.
  • Up-to-date. Managed upgrades and continued development are expectations of a subscription service.
  • Scalable and flexible. You only pay for what you need or use.
  • Improved accessibility. Browser-based applications simplify remote access, collaboration and sharing.

Five key differences…

1. Software-as-a-Service only outsources the software, not the processes

So ongoing operational processes can still become a time suck. That includes key tasks like assigning metadata, verifying and ingesting content.

A MAM managed service, on the other hand, means you hand off these tasks to your partner. So you get time back to concentrate on your clients and your creative work. This is probably the one thing our Preferred Connection clients love the most.

2. Minimise internet woes

For most of us in Australia, the current state of the internet makes transferring large volumes of data painful. It’s a major drawback to a cloud solution. How are you going to get all your content into the system?

With a MAM managed service like Preferred Connection, you have the option to deliver content on hard drive if your internet is not up to the job. We will even collect the data from your office.

3. Know where your content is stored

Most SaaS providers operate globally. Your content is stored in data centres… somewhere. It may be challenging to find out where, and with what level of security or redundancy.

At Preferred Media, we use an Australian data centre. Plus, a copy of your original source content is captured to LTO and stored offline. So you always have redundancy.

4. Choose how you store your content to suit your needs

Higher resolutions, frame rates and other factors mean video footage is increasingly data-intensive. And that means storage costs can blow out, whatever system you use.

Preferred Connection’s tiered content system offers the flexibility to mix and match. Choose from online or archived storage, with 1080p or 480p proxies. Store masters and camera files at different levels. Archive files when you no longer need immediate download access.

Check that your preferred solution will help you manage your content and your costs.

5. Consistency and reliability

When it comes to MAM processes, from ingest to applying metadata; consistency is key. (In some ways Media Asset Management is like getting fit!)

If you handle processes in-house, staff turnover or use of freelancers can cause problems. Over time, different team members add your content and metadata – and there isn’t always time for training.

With a Managed Service, you have an expert eye to maintain your standards. On sign-up, we set up a profile of your workflow requirements and if anything’s irregular in your content, filing or metadata, we follow up.

More than just a service, MAM Managed Service is an end-to-end solution.

MAM SaaS promises simplicity, but what is the reality? Without consistent processes and substantial internet bandwidth, it may not deliver. A MAM Managed Service like Preferred Connection builds on SaaS but addresses these issues too. Which means more time and less hassle.

Would you like more time to concentrate on your core job? Get in touch to learn how Preferred Connection can help you.

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