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Moving Images Report 2019

The Moving Images Report 2019 is now published and you can get a copy or view the summary online here.

Once again we surveyed people in all areas of media, from advertisers and agencies to TV, film producers and broadcasters. So this year we track the changes but also tackle some new issues.

The report looks at entertainment and marketing separately, but for creatives, the lines blur. Around 1 in 5 work on both entertainment and marketing content.

Here is a taster:

Entertainment: Content creatives agree that Australia is lagging

Graphs show project funding becoming more difficult

Producers say they are under pressure as funding becomes more scarce:

  • 81% agree that finding funding is getting more difficult

A neglected regulatory framework and government incentive policy is making it harder to produce Australian content as a result.

  • 9 out of 10 think Netflix, Stan and their competitors should be required to support local content just as traditional broadcasters are

Advertising: Marketers are going full steam ahead with video

Video marketing has increased dramatically. And marketers aren’t afraid to experiment:

  • 80% of advertisers have used at least one of: personalised, 360, vertical, augmented, virtual or live video

Content management is only getting more difficult

55% have lost video content irretrievably

More content is being created than ever before. And storage space is at a premium. We learned that 19% of respondents either didn’t back up at all or weren’t sure if they did. In addition 23% store valuable content on unreliable external hard drives only.

So it’s shocking, but not surprising to learn that:

  • 45% of respondents have lost content
  • 17% weren’t able to recover it

Even for those who keep content safe and don’t have to recut, the cost of time looking after content is huge and is growing.

It’s gone from 25 days a year in 2018 to 46 days a year in 2019.

(Want some ideas on how to get that time back? Ask us how we can help.)

Catch the summary or download the full Moving Images Report 2019 here.

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