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1 in 20 hard drives fail within 18 months.

Servers get full. People overwrite files. 12.3% have lost content.

Creative professionals lose on average 5 weeks a year just managing content.

One thing’s certain:

Lost or poorly managed content costs you time, money and reputation.

That’s where our Preferred Connection Digital Services come in.


Brilliantly simple backup & archive

Ads, movies, TV and more - whatever your content, breathe easy knowing it's safe in our hands

  • Preferred Media

    Fast and simple to set up

    Set the rules then hand everything over to us and get back to your real job.

  • Preferred Media

    State-of-the-art infrastructure

    Our robust enterprise technology eats 8K rushes for breakfast. How else could we manage 20 million digital assets and 2.7 petabytes of data?

  • Preferred Media

    Real support from local archive experts

    Our expert local team understand archive, your needs and your industry. From a complex content issue to getting your rushes back, we’re here to help.

  • Preferred Media

    Access your content anytime, anywhere

    Log on wherever you are, whatever browser you use, 24x7x365. Search your content library. View thumbnails and web-quality videos to find and recall what you need.

  • Preferred Media

    Tailored archive policy

    Getting your content in and out couldn’t be easier with a bespoke archive policy in place. Build your own or work with our solutions team to design the one that fits your workflow.

  • Preferred Media

    Gold-standard redundancy for all our services

    Whether you’ve got legacy content or a large archive to manage, we copy your files to LTO - the most stable media available - not once, but twice. We keep the copies geographically separate meaning it’ll always be there when you need it.

  • Preferred Media

    Easy search using clever metadata

    When you need your content back fast, good metadata is essential. We capture both embedded and descriptive metadata to make sure you can find your content as quickly as possible. We’ll even customise metadata fields to suit your needs.

  • Preferred Media

    Unify content from different sources into one library

    If your creative ecosystem includes multiple partners, we’ll manage the consolidation challenge. We collect, digitally secure and organise the content to comply with your tailored archive policy. You get all your content in one place.

Put your content in safe hands

Ask us how


Why is Preferred Connection better than these other options?

In-house servers are the most popular place to keep content – and for projects you’re working on, they’re great. But long term storage isn’t quite the same thing.

  • There may not be processes to ensure offsite redundancy.
  • Servers run out of space.
  • Filing practices are often inconsistent, which can make it difficult to find content when you need it.
  • There’s a risk of accidental deletion.

Compare that to Preferred Connection:

  • Redundancy and scalability are built into the service.
  • We agree an archive policy with you, then review and re-organise your content as it comes in.
  • Deletion requires written confirmation.

There are so many issues with using external hard drives for long term storage that we wrote a whole blog post about them!
In brief:

  • Hard drives fail.
  • They get lost.
  • It’s hard to tell what’s on them.
  • The cost of drives adds up.

By all means send your content to us on a hard drive. We’ll review, organise, backup and ingest, then send your hard drive back to you. So you can search content easily online, and save on the cost of hard drives.

If you’re using LTOs, congratulations. They’re the most effective long term storage medium, which is why we use them ourselves.

Two main points to consider when comparing your own LTO storage to Preferred Connection:

  • If you need to access content in the future, Preferred Connection makes it easy. You can search, view and order online at any time.
  • We ensure LTO versioning is current. So you never have to worry about backward compatibility.

Preferred Connection backup services complement DAM / MAM systems.
Use Preferred Connection as a complete archive of non-current material to avoid overburdening your own system. This keeps your DAM lean and clean so you can easily retrieve all your current content. Then if you need legacy material for a specific campaign or other purpose, it’s still available from us.

Like everyone else, production houses have finite storage. It’s unlikely they will hold onto your content for more than a few months.

You also have little control over how your content is stored.

  • Is it protected from third parties?
  • Is the storage media robust? (Hard drives are not a robust solution!)
  • How is it organised?
  • How easy will it be to retrieve content if you need them in the future?

Then there’s the issue of storing content with multiple different providers. Preferred Connection can consolidate everything in one place for you. We can even add masters directly from Adstream and Group IMD so you get a complete campaign library.

With web-based storage, you can be sure your content has redundant backup. If only everything else was that simple.

  • Pricing plans are often complex – especially when you want to retrieve content.
  • If you’re trying to locate specific content, there’s minimal support.
  • The web storage giants serve everyone and have little understanding of the media industry.
  • As content files get bigger and bigger, transferring your files to the cloud service may affect your overall internet performance and business productivity.

Preferred Connection offers straightforward, clearly priced backup services. We’re an Australian company with more than 35 years’ experience servicing the film, TV, production and advertising industries. All our client content is stored on Australian based servers and our local team have the experience to help.

Getting started with Preferred Connection

Our Moving Images Moving Landscape survey showed creative professionals spend on average 5 weeks every year filing, organising and searching for content.

We understand you’re busy, but Preferred Connection is part of the solution, not part of the problem. Invest just a few hours to agree an archive policy and implement a backup workflow. You and your entire team will soon see the time benefits. Plus you’ll be saving on costly in-house storage solutions.

Actually, sorting out your content is one of the things we’re really good at!

We have over 3 decades experience archiving for broadcasters, advertisers, agencies and producers. We’re happy to review your existing content at a high level and draft a policy on how to treat that library as well as material you create in the future.

We then take all the hard work of actually sorting and reorganising files off your hands. So you save time filing – and you save even more time when you need to find something again.

At the initial stage of working together, we discuss how you want content managed over time. Preferred Connection offers different service tiers, so we can treat aged content differently from more current material and help keep costs down. We can also build time-based rules into your archive policy to help manage long-term costs.

We review your archive policy with you on a regular basis. We can amend rules then or on request if your business needs change.

How does Preferred Connection work?

Our first goal is to ensure your content is not lost.

The Preferred Connection ingest process creates 2 full copies of your content. No reduction of quality. No compression.

  • Because there are 2 copies, even in the unusual case of a failure, there is still one secure copy.
  • One copy is completely offline (“air-gapped”) – and geographically separated for truly secure redundancy.
  • We use stable industry-approved LTO tape for maximum longevity.
  • In addition to archiving your source content, all metadata and proxy viewing files are backed up daily (separately to your original content).

LTO tapes containing your original quality content files are secured in restricted access, CCTV-monitored facilities.

Access to content online – usually only low resolution proxy files – is by login only.

We can customise logins and access according to your needs. For example, you might want to limit access by project, by product or by client.

You can also limit restore authority separately from view authority.

  1. We create proxy files from your original resolution files – which are downloadable and viewable in library, all original files are securely backed up offline.
  2. Video files are created at H264 and 1080p, Mp4
  3. Image files, documents are available as Jpeg, pdfs and audio files are transcoded to Mp3.
  4. If your raw camera files have not been transcoded, we are can offer this as an additional service.

Preferred Connection offers comprehensive metadata capture to ensure that your content can be located and retrieved.

Your tailored Archive Policy will detail exactly which metadata is collected for your content, but on a high level:

Individual file level metadata:

  • Embedded file technical metadata – is automatically extracted.
  • Comments – are searchable and display the username of the commenter.
  • Editable fields – allow for logging footage, either by your team, or available from Preferred Media as an add-on service.

Project level metadata:

  • Project or job information and credits are captured and linked with your data at ingest.

Where content received does not comply with your Archive Policy, we will restructure or amend wherever possible. If we are unable to resolve issues, we will contact you.

Preferred Connection utilises a tailored set of user access privileges. Access privileges can be delineated at 3 levels:
• Organisation
• Project or Brand
• Individual User
To ensure optimal security for your assets, the addition of new users, removal of users and any changes to access privileges can only been completed by the customer service team upon written request.

You can search your content online, select the files you need and create an online order. Depending on the size of the files, we can supply a download link or restore to hard drive and deliver.

Alternatively, call our customer service team and we’ll do it for you.

Preferred Media recognises the need for hard drives to be put back into circulation and makes every effort to turn around the drives in the shortest possible time. Exact times depend on your location and our workload. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

To prevent accidental or unauthorized deletion of your content, data can only be deleted upon written request by the authorised account holder.