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Nostalgia Marketing eGuide

We’re 68% more likely to buy when we’re feeling nostalgic.
How can you tap into that nostalgic feeling in your marketing? The Nostalgia Marketing eGuide has it all. Dos and Don’ts. Ideas to start your creative process. Plus real-life examples.

Get your nostalgia marketing right

For a successful campaign, you need to do more than just pull old footage from the archives.

That can be a great place to start looking for inspiration, but you need more.

  • A theme
  • A story
  • A message

And you have to make sure they all match your brand and your market.

From the Nostalgia Marketing Tips for Success eGuide:

Nostalgia has been used successfully across many industry sectors. Music. FMCG. Tech brands. It can work for most consumer brands – as long as you do it with care. Storytelling is key. But don’t stop at your brand’s story, think about your consumers’ stories too. If in doubt, you can always try concepts out on social media in a small and subtle way.

With easy-to-read chapters including:

  • 5 Ways to Nail Nostalgia
  • 5 Traps to Avoid
  • 8 Ideas to Inspire Your Own Campaigns

Plus video links to loads of real-life examples.

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