How MediaPhile works

Digital Asset Management made easy.

MediaPhile combines everything you need to secure, manage, search and share your content. Send us your digital files and let MediaPhile work it’s magic. As soon as your content arrives, it’s ingested into MediaPhile. The system captures file structure and metadata, then creates compressed proxy files of your media files for easy online viewing. Choose to keep your original high-res data in the cloud or offline – we archive at least one redundant copy to LTO and store it securely offline, in our climate-controlled vault.

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Proudly supporting industry leaders with content solutions.

Digital asset management in three steps

An organised content library is only a few clicks away.
Say goodbye to the struggle of haphazard digital content management. All you need to do is send us your content, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Preferred Media
Plan your archive

Plan your archive

We create a tailored management plan with user permissions, structure, archive and delivery options to fit your workflow.

Send your content

Send your content

Send on hard drive or upload content when it suits, along with your project metadata for searchability. Leave the rest to us.

Access anywhere

Access anywhere

Log in to our easy-to-use, cloud platform from your web browser to view, manage and get more out of your content.

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Secure, store, search and share.

Organise and optimise your digital media library.
Is managing digital content a burden on your IT team? Does it feel like you're always paying money for more server space? Is your media library in a permanent state of chaos? MediaPhile is the smart solution for digital storage. It's packed with features to help you organise and optimise your media library.

Convenient online access. Secure, confident archive.


  • Preferred Media

    Better productivity with well-organised media

    Know exactly what you have and use it. Locate the correct asset in an instant. Streamline multiple systems into a central repository.

  • Preferred Media

    Secure content = Peace of mind

    Your IP is your most valuable asset. Relax in the knowledge that your content is safe and sound, with processes in place for ongoing management.

  • Preferred Media

    Real support from archive experts

    MediaPhile is a totally managed solution. Don’t worry about technology upgrades or process revisions – we’ve got it covered.

  • Preferred Media

    Maximise the value of your content

    MediaPhile keeps your assets agile, so that you can re-use, share on social media, monetise or re-purpose and distribute to new markets.

  • Preferred Media

    Scalable, so you only pay for what you need

    Stop throwing money at server space and hard drives. Get enterprise-level DAM at a fraction of the cost of an in-house system.

  • Preferred Media

    We do the hard work for you

    Media content has unique management requirements. Remove the burden from your content administrators and IT staff. Let creative staff be creative.

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Why do I need MediaPhile?

More Efficient. MediaPhile relieves the burden on your own resources. It is one thing to store data on your servers but another to have a way of effectively managing it. We take care of all the hardware, software and operational processes for you. Plus our advanced search capabilities mean you’ll be able to find any content you want really easily.

More Secure. Offsite redundancy is an essential part of your disaster recovery plan. Hard drives have a finite lifespan and are prone to corruption, especially if they are left untouched in storage. MediaPhile secures your content to archive-grade LTO with a lifespan 6 times that of a hard drive. Storing offline (“air-gapped”) protects against malicious attacks and content theft.

More Cost-effective. Keeping all your content on a server is an increasingly expensive option as storage requirements grow. Technological obsolescence is also an issue. If you store with us, you don’t have to worry about it.

Dropbox is great at what it does, but it’s a syncing service. It’s not a MAM and it’s certainly not a secure archive. There are limits when it comes to searching for content – you can’t search on any metadata beyond the filename itself. If someone accidentally deletes a file, it can happen in an instant and it’s gone forever.

Many of our clients start out with exactly the same issue. So, to help you get organised, we provide the first month of MediaPhile free. You can log on and review all your content within the MediaPhile interface. Make the important decisions on which content to archive and which to discard. All before any charges apply.

Preferred Media have been looking after storage and archiving of rich multimedia content for 35+ years. Our end-to-end solution covers everything, even as far as the physical component of your digital media. We use archive-grade LTO tapes in a secure climate-controlled environment to protect your assets offline while making proxies available online for ease of use and re-use. All supported by local face-to-face and telephone customer service. And we do it all in-house. Does your service provider offer all of this?

However you store and manage your content, the more you have, the more it costs to look after. MediaPhile pricing compares favourably with alternative solutions, although pricing is only one element of total cost.

Other factors to consider include:
• Ease of implementing a content storage management policy. (For example, you might want to keep masters and submasters indefinitely, but put a time limit on daily rushes. With MediaPhile that’s easy, but how would you manage it on hard drives?)
• The cost of time and management in copying, filing and storing content files
• Wasted time and opportunity cost if you want a specific content file and cannot locate it easily
• Predictable costs with no unexpected capex for additional IT infrastructure or upgrades

Every organisation’s needs and processes are different. Setting up the right policies and processes on MediaPhile can help control your content management costs, not add to them.

Most DAM/MAM systems are just that – a system. A software system. You still have to provide hardware, then install, configure and manage the system. That includes ongoing maintenance and upgrades – which may or may not require enhancements of your underlying IT architecture. And that’s before you consider backing up to LTO tape; having a redundant location, or the cost of capital sunk in expensive servers you use only for storage.

MediaPhile is more than a software system – it’s an end-to-end solution. We take care of all hardware and software issues, including upgrades, compatibility and storage. We use our 35+ years of expertise to help devise the right storage and access processes for you and your business. We charge you one simple rate based on the amount of data you store, which you can increase or decrease at any time. So you get a full enterprise class system at a fraction of the price.

MediaPhile is easy, convenient and always there for you.

How does MediaPhile work?

The MediaPhile ingest process creates 2 full copies of your content. No reduction of quality. No compression. And because there’s 2, even in the unusual case of a failure, there is still one secure copy.
Access copies (transcoded proxy files) are created using H.264, the most compatible codec available. Image thumbnails and audio proxies are also created. These are available online 24x7x365.

All content files are securely archived. MediaPhile does exclude certain operating specific files that are only of use to a computer.

Security is paramount. Redundancy copies are created at the point of ingest and multiple layers of protection are put in place.
• Two copies of your original source content are created on ingest.
• One copy is completely offline (“air-gapped”) – and geographically separated for truly secure redundancy.
• We use stable industry-approved LTO tape for maximum longevity.
• In addition to archiving your source content, all metadata and proxy viewing files are backed up daily (separately to your original content).
• Access to content can be controlled with user access permissions.

Your original files are transcoded at the point of ingest, to create a proxy or viewing file (as an access copy). The proxy file is an optimised resolution for online streaming.


LTO tapes containing your data are secured in restricted access, CCTV-monitored facilities.
Online access to data – which for many clients is only low resolution proxy files – is also by login only. We can customise logins and access according to your needs. For example, different members of an agency team can have access on a project by project or client by client basis via different logins. You can also limit restore authority separately from view authority.

MediaPhile offers comprehensive metadata capture to ensure that your content can be located and retrieved.

Individual file level metadata:
• Embedded file technical metadata – is automatically extracted.
• Comments – are searchable and display the username of the commenter.
• Editable fields – allow for logging footage, either by your team, or available from Preferred Media as an add-on service.

Project level metadata:
• Project or job information and credits are captured in our Project form and linked with your data at ingestion.

Folder structure:
• Your file and folder structure is captured from upload or delivery media, preserving your information hierarchy. The structure is then replicated within the MediaPhile interface.

MediaPhile utilises a tailored set of user access privileges. Access privileges can be delineated at 3 levels:
• Organisation
• Project or Brand
• Individual User
To ensure optimal security for your assets, the addition of new users, removal of users and any changes to access privileges can only been completed by the customer service team upon written request.

Simply select the files you need and create an online order. Depending on the size of the files, we can supply a download link or restore to hard drive and deliver. Original folder structures are also preserved making it easy to manage and use your content.

Preferred Media recognises the need for hard drives to be put back into circulation and makes every effort to turn around the drives in the shortest possible time. Exact times depend on your location and our workload. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

To prevent accidental or unauthorized deletion of your content, data can only be deleted upon written request by the authorised account holder.



Essentials start from $25/month

Scalable storage keeps all your rushes, masters, audio and artwork in one place. Make sure your media content is safe, secure and available when you need it. With proxies in the cloud, so you can access and share wherever you are.

Project Packages

24 months start from $720

MediaPhile Project Packages are the simplest way to allocate and budget all your project storage costs up front. Easily share HD proxies online with clients, suppliers and stakeholders – whatever platform they use.