• Moving Images in Context

    Moving Images in Context

    Our own Moving Images Moving Landscape Report, published last month, explores all aspects of the moving image business in Australia. We aim to cover everything - from advertising to streaming TV; from video asset management to content regulation. Sometimes it's hard to go into much depth. So we decided to take a look at some of our key findings and put them in the context of other relevant research. We've picked one finding from each...

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  • Interview: Is digital technology killing our craft?

    Interview: Is digital technology killing our craft?

    The question came up when we met with Paul Walton of Princess Pictures at Screen Forever last year. Paul’s a former UK child actor who ran away to the other side of the camera. He worked on shows like Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost before making his way to Australia. He’s now a producer and partner at Princess Pictures in Melbourne. His credits for Princess include It’s A Date Seasons 1 & 2, Open...

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