• Data transfer options for media content files

    Data transfer options for media content files

    We all know transferring media content files can be a headache. And despite years of promises, the NBN's not much help. So how do you get your content to and from Preferred Media? Most clients currently use hard drives to transfer media content Although hard drives aren't the best way to store your content long term, they're a good way to hand your files over. Since you're not using an internet connection, there's no issue with...

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  • Understanding backup and archive

    Understanding backup and archive

    We talk about our MediaPhile digital services as being backup and archive, but have you ever stopped to think about those terms more deeply? What's the difference between backup and archive? If you're not sure, now's your chance to find out. Backup and archive serve different purposes Let's start by looking at what you want to achieve. Do you need to be sure you can get all your current project files back quickly if your...

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  • Why consolidate your digital video marketing assets?

    Why consolidate your digital video marketing assets?

    Why is a consolidated video marketing archive important? Let's start by comparing the situation today with that 15 years ago. Traditional agency processes no longer apply Once upon a time, in the pre-digital production era, agencies had a job bag and a tape library. Those made up the agency’s single source of truth for productions. All the elements, all the information about them, all the masters, visible and touchable on one shelf. Now, elements go...

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