Meet the team

‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.’

Steve Jobs

Michael Keaton called filmmaking the ultimate team sport.

Managing, protecting and preserving client media is a team game too.

Meet the (sometimes) quiet achievers who are supporting your success.

Meet the team

Jonathan Armytage | CEO

Jonathan wants Preferred Media to be a trusted partner for every content creator or owner across Australia. He’s excited by new technologies and the opportunity to deliver better information and smarter client support.

Jonathan’s pioneering spirit isn’t limited to business. When he’s not at work he’ll be exploring different cultures, expanding his art collection or pushing boundaries in some other way.

Meet the team

Ian Oldham | Finance & Operations

Ian’s the one who steers our finances – making sure we have the funds to look after client content properly as well as to invest in new and better solutions.

When he’s not at work, he’s driving with the top down. Probably on the way to work.

Or he might be chilling out with some classical music.

Meet the team

Richard Leaver | Product Manager

Rich is our product guru. He’s the Google maps, Uber and full livery service of our customer experience. Driving our strategy, systems and services to ensure we deliver on our promise. Fully across industry content requirements, Rich gets the details right… Apart from supporting Liverpool FC.

He’s an avid sports fan, and will watch any match you’ve never heard of. When he can get away, Rich escapes to his favourite place on the south coast with family.

Meet the team

Rob Dunn | Technical Services

Rob makes everything work. From data pipes for huge camera files to ingest processes to online access to email and phone, we turn to Rob. And he finds the right person to do it for him.

When Rob isn’t crunching bytes he might be found climbing on a cliff somewhere. Fully roped and secure, since we believe in protecting critical assets.

Meet the team

Bridget Holland | Marketing Manager

As the strategic thinker behind Preferred Media’s marketing, Bridget tries to see everything from the client perspective. That’s a key driver for the Moving Images Moving Landscape Survey and Report, as well as blog posts investigating how the business of video content is changing.

Bridget has two cats, two children and a husband. She comes to work for a rest.

Meet the team

Phoebe Hill | Marketing Coordinator

Phoebe works with Bridget on marketing. She creates relevant resources and keeps our email subscribers up-to-date. She loves making the technical stuff easy to understand. The go-to for graphics and branding, she’s often asked to make documents ‘look pretty’. Or, as she would say, visual communication.

When she’s not at work, she’s chasing her toddler and building a cabin off-grid.

Meet the team

Andrew Temple | Client Services

Andrew’s the man to make our clients feel warm and fuzzy. But the way he does it isn’t at all fuzzy – he’s on top of issues even before they happen. Behind that laid-back exterior, he makes sure you get what you want.

After hours, Andrew divides his time between his girlfriend and his dog. Plus he cooks a mean curry.

Meet the team

Michelle Whitfield | Administration & Operations

Michelle’s the powerhouse behind day-to-day customer service and admin issues in Preferred Media. She sets up accounts, answers queries about content we’re storing and generally fixes things.

Outside work, Michelle’s working on the next great Australian novel. And keeping her encyclopaedic knowledge of reality TV up to date.

Meet the team

Dan Southey | Digital Operations

Our newest and brightest data wrangler, Dan’s the one who sorts out the media files you send us. He checks everything against your archive policy, fixes issues and deals with any problem files.

Dan’s life outside work used to be about uni studies, but he’s looking forward to graduating straight to the golf course.

Meet the team

Kate Tomlinson | Operations Coordinator – Physical

Kate is a media archive veteran. She knows all the formats inside out and back to front. As well as which way up to store them to prolong lifespan. Like a logistical grandmaster playing a life-size game of 3D Tetris, Kate keeps the assets in line. With nary a tape out of place.

When’s she’s not pushing pallets, she’s hanging at home with her partner and adorable Ewoks (Griffon Bruxellois pups).

Meet the team

Maria Romanova | Company Accountant

Maria is the spreadsheet genius of the business. She’s pretty good with our CRM data too. Analyses everything and everyone to keep us all on track.

Maria’s a bit of an international explorer. She’s also good at tracking down the best cake shops in Sydney for our team birthdays.

Meet the team

Tuty Young | Bookkeeper

Tuty cooks everything but the books. And we all eat it up! Tuty might have been brought in to manage accounts and payments, but she’s stepped up to care for all of us in the office with a perpetual supply of snacks and foods.

From what we can tell, she spends all her spare time cooking. For her family, but we get lots of leftovers. No problem with that!