At Preferred Media, we’ve been looking after the media management needs of clients across Australia and globally from our Sydney office for more than 35 years. It’s high time we started delivering the same high level of expertise in Melbourne too.

Local service for clients in Melbourne and Victoria

A key service enhancement for Melbourne is the option for local ingest into MediaPhile, our media asset management service. This means reduced time and cost shipping hard drives to and from Sydney, so a faster turnaround time in making your content available online.

Co-location with one of Melbourne’s boutique post-production houses offers even more opportunities for efficient project workflows. Immediate ingest at project completion, all in one place.

Digitisation services are also available. Convert pre-digital tape and film into useable digital files.

Robert Warnock, Sales Representative - Digital Services, Preferred Media MelbourneWelcome to Rob Warnock

Our new man in Melbourne, Rob Warnock has international experience managing, transporting and storing high volume data. He will be an invaluable resource and support for new and future clients in Melbourne.

Preferred Media Melbourne office details:

Rob Warnock, Sales Representative, Digital Services
Phone:  0422 105 087
1/668 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207

The Melbourne office officially opens for business on Monday 31 July.