Preferred Connection Project Pricing

“12.3% of survey respondents have lost content completely.”

Moving Images Moving Landscape Survey 2018

Don’t let it happen to you.

Project pricing packages for media content storage

Make sure your media content is safe, secure and available! Preferred Connection is a managed service from Preferred Media, meaning we do all the hard work for you.
Protect yourself from common risks, including:

  • Poor filing practices – saving in the wrong place or not saving at all
  • Hard drive failure, disk failure and virus infections
  • Lack of clarity about whose job it is to look after content files

With Preferred Connection project pricing packages, you pay a single fee for your entire project.

  • Easy to budget
  • Easy to manage

Store all your rushes, masters, audio and artwork in one place. In the cloud – so you can access it wherever you are.

With Preferred Connection’s smart search features you can find what you want first time every time. Share online proxies with your team and stakeholders – whatever platform they use.

Your projects are doubly secure with two copies archived offline, ensuring you’ll never lose your media content.

Preferred Connection Project Pricing

How it works

Secure your content

  • Send us your hard drive and we do the rest
  • Redundant copies on industry standard LTO tape
  • Customise user permissions to suit your business

Access your content

  • 2 user logins per client
  • Online proxies @ 1080HD video / mp3 audio
  • Search, view and download
  • Original high-res content restored on demand
  • Visual interface with powerful search filters
  • Detailed metadata capture

Use your content

  • Send via web player or download link
  • Make annotations frame by frame
  • Place searchable markers in the timeline


Packages start from as low as $720.

Pricing depends on the amount of content you have and the length of time you want to store it. We measure content in terabytes – check how much content makes up a terabyte here, or get in touch and we can help work it out. 2 months before the term is up, we get in touch to confirm your future requirements for your content.

For a full project ratecard, call us on +61 2 9490 7300 or:

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(If you qualify for a discount through one of our partner relationships, be sure to let us know.)