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  • 10 ways to re-use content for increased value

    10 ways to re-use content for increased value

    Creating quality content is an investment. It takes skill, technology, time and focus. But once you've met the deadline the focus quickly shifts to the next project. Consumers are hungry for new content. And attention spans are shrinking daily. It is the reality of our fast-paced digital world... Projects that take blood, sweat and tears to create are soon forgotten. What if your 'old' content could be new again? Research suggests that consumer demand for video is insatiable. “84% of...

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  • NAB Show 2017 report

    NAB Show 2017 report

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or so they say - but we’re going to share our thoughts on the National Association of Broadcasters show of April this year. A forum like NAB is a natural melting pot of ideas and concepts fuelled by technology development and sales enthusiasm. Preferred Media visits this and similarly important shows with the sole intention of keeping up with and staying ahead of the latest technology trends. We...

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