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  • 7 reasons why LTO won’t die

    7 reasons why LTO won’t die

    Magnetic tape was first used to record computer data way back in 1951. If you see the tape decks that feature in ‘computers’ in vintage movies, it’s hard to believe the medium is still around... let alone at the cutting edge of data storage. In fact, magnetic tape is thriving with strong sales of LTO Ultrium, the current de facto standard. Just like vintage fashions that won’t die (mom jeans, dad sneakers, bum bags anyone?)...

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  • Moving Images in Context

    Moving Images in Context

    Our own Moving Images Moving Landscape Report, published last month, explores all aspects of the moving image business in Australia. We aim to cover everything - from advertising to streaming TV; from video asset management to content regulation. Sometimes it's hard to go into much depth. So we decided to take a look at some of our key findings and put them in the context of other relevant research. We've picked one finding from each...

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