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  • Managing our exposure to COVID-19

    Supporting our team while supporting and servicing your team Update 15 May 2020 Restrictions related to COVID-19 are beginning to ease. However the health and welfare of our team, our clients and the community in general remains a high priority. We are not at this stage making any changes to our COVID-19 measures, but the following additional information may be helpful. We are seeing higher utilisation of content assets we manage for agencies and brand...

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  • 7 Australian Christmas movies to check out

    7 Australian Christmas movies to check out

    There's not a long list to choose from Australians do love to watch (and re-watch) a good Christmas movie. So you can't say we're an unsentimental bunch. But we're not the USA or the UK. We don't have a cultural tradition of Australian Christmas movies, actually. IMDb lists only 18 Australian feature titles with any mention of Christmas at all. Google finds 11. Wikipedia lists 10. The full roundup is 28 at a stretch. That's 28 for...

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