How are Australians creating, distributing and managing media? Especially rich media like film, video and TVCs?

The Moving Images Moving Landscape report last year uncovered some surprising insights. But a year is a very long time in media and it’s time for an update. So the Preferred Media team are asking everyone who creates, funds or works with moving images to take our 2019 survey.

One year’s results are a snapshot. With two years of data, we’ll start to see what’s changing.

Some challenges are common for everyone:

  • How well are you managing your content?
  • How much are you re-using it? And how easy is it to do so?
  • What’s happening with budgets?

Last year revealed astonishing results:

  • over a third of respondents had no processes to look after their content
  • 50% or more experienced challenges in re-using content
  • the average time overhead of managing content was 5 working weeks a year

This year’s survey will help us see if we’ve got any better. Plus we’re digging deeper into some areas like video on social media, new formats and the rise of streaming for content and marketing.

What’s happening in the world of advertising and promotion?

    • How many and what kind of agencies do advertisers commission content from?
    • Which are the top marketing channels? Out of home is increasingly digital – but is it video as well?
    • Is the trend to more in-house content production continuing?
    • The balance between cost of content versus cost of media?
    • What’s going on with video on social media? (platforms, vertical video, stories, video length etc)
    • AR and VR

What about film, TV and online entertainment?

  • The growth of online. We all know about Netflix and Stan, but the traditional broadcasters are also increasing their online presence. What’s the impact for producers?
  • What’s happening to formats?
  • What about content length? Is there a trend to shorter work rather than features?
  • the impact of local content regulatory requirements
  • the role of film festivals and webfests in success

The more people contribute, the more meaningful and relevant the results. Take the survey now.