Supporting our team while supporting and servicing your team

Update 15 May 2020

Restrictions related to COVID-19 are beginning to ease. However the health and welfare of our team, our clients and the community in general remains a high priority.

We are not at this stage making any changes to our COVID-19 measures, but the following additional information may be helpful.

  • We are seeing higher utilisation of content assets we manage for agencies and brand marketers who face challenges in shooting new material. In response to this, we have brought forward the rollout of a more robust and intuitive interface for our online library system. Our goal is that every client can easily
    • identify the precise footage they want from proxies,
    • order restoration of the high resolution original, and
    • receive it promptly via data transfer.

If you are a client who has not yet migrated to the new interface, please contact us and we can expedite the process.

  • Our team continue to work on a rostered basis, but the office and phones are still manned during all office hours so there is minimal impact on clients or customer service.

We remain committed to our traditional standards of service and support for our clients. For any issue whatsoever, please call us on (61) 2 9490 7300 or email

Status as at 26/3/20

The health and welfare of our staff is of paramount importance, as is in these difficult times the health and welfare of our clients and the wider community, and the need to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

In Lane Cove there are fewer crowd and transport pressures and we are lucky to have spacious offices that allow us to maintain social distancing without detriment to daily activities. We have determined therefore that we can continue to operate relatively as normal without undue risk. This means we can continue to provide you with the same high level of service that you are used to.

All of the recommended best practice hygiene and personal contact guidelines are scrupulously applied and monitored; and we ensure every single day that our staff have no fears or concerns. We will shortly move to a roster model, with some staff on site and some working from home. We have tested this and it should in no way interrupt how we support your needs. However, we regret that we cannot currently invite you into our premises or show you around our storage facility.

Physical material movements

Please take the following into account when with regard to physical material movements:

  • We are happy to receive new materials, operating a contact free handover from your courier or elected representative at our door. We will also sanitize your material packaging and isolate it for 3 days before we do any cataloguing or digital ingests.
  • We can pick and deliver your reasonable quantity material requests using appropriate sanitary measures before releasing, contact free, to your courier or elected representative at our doorstep. Please be mindful of additional timeframes that may result from new procedures.
  • We can respond to your digitisation requirements subject to workload and the ongoing availability of our specialized team members.

We review the situation every day and adapt our procedures whenever expert advice changes. We are determined to keep supporting you for as long as the authorities allow. We will support our staff 100% regarding their fears and concerns and at this stage we feel sure that we can provide a minimum on site staffing to manage your material requirements.

We will update you if circumstances change significantly. In the meantime we assure you of our continuing service. We also wish your business, your staff and their families the strength and fortitude to come through this time. If you have any concerns or question please call us on 9490 7300 or email