Shark Eats Bear (SEB Media)

“Preferred Connection is a simple, scalable solution that will save us in the long term. It’s fully managed, so no more hardware headaches for us.”


The client
Sharkeatsbear (SEB Media) is a Sydney-based agency, delivering digital media, video and animation to clients Australia-wide.

The challenge
SEB produce 200-300 projects per year and multiple terabytes of data. They found the amount of data they had was becoming an issue. Managing their archive of completed projects was becoming a time-consuming burden. But they needed to keep projects accessible for repeat client work.

They tried a number of NAS and SAN solutions with the goal of keeping a good proportion of past projects connected and accessible, but found them expensive and sometimes unreliable.

“We had tried SAN and NAS solutions that were expensive and unreliable. Our storage requirements were increasing exponentially and we needed a solution.” (Tom Judd, Director)

They chose Preferred Connection because
SEB reached out to Preferred Media when they recognised that an outsourced solution made sense and they appreciated our comprehensive approach.

The solution
was a Production Archive Management Plan, designed and tailored to their needs.

The Plan: All project content is collected by Preferred Media quarterly and ingested into the Preferred Connection digital asset management platform, with drives returned for re-use.

Preferred Connection captures the file and folder structure, project metadata and creates proxy files which are easily viewable online, solving all connection problems. The solution is scalable, meaning they only pay for what they need. And secure, with 2 copies of the original source data duplicated to stable, industry approved LTO tape stored with geographic separation.


“Since starting the production company in 2009, our library of data has grown beyond 60 terabytes, and it’s growing exponentially. Our requirement for storage isn’t confined to just dealing with large volumes, but also a need for physical protection from environmental changes, as well as having security over sensitive material for our clients. Preferred Media’s Digital Asset Management platform, Preferred Connection, has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective solution, and it is now a fundamental component of our long-term storage plans. We keep a local copy and send all our projects over to Preferred Media, knowing that they will take full care of everything for us.”

Tom Judd
Shark Eats Bear (SEB Media)

The benefits
for SEB include:

  • • No more server and storage headaches
  • • Frees up team time to concentrate on new and in-progress projects
  • • Find media projects quickly with powerful search and browse facility
  • • Projects are easily accessible via a web browser
  • • Reduced requirement for hard drives and storage space
  • • Reduced requirement for hard drives and storage space
  • • Prompt response to client requests as content is always available
  • • Scheduled collection makes the whole process easy