The FINCH Company

“Our team used to spend hours sorting and searching for files. Now we have more time to focus on production and it really shows.”

Managing Director and Executive Producer

The client
FINCH is a busy production company with a full shoot schedule. They produce large volumes of data with content ranging from TVC’s and online content, to feature film and documentaries. Clients include major agencies and brands.

The challenge
A growing workload meant an expanding production archive. There was a need to protect irreplaceable shoot content for the life of the project, and sometimes beyond if clients required. Finding the storage space for rushes was an ongoing frustration. Data administration put pressure on internal resources. And they didn’t want to commit the budget to further IT upgrades.

They also saw there was an opportunity to add value to their service.

They chose Preferred Media because
Outsourcing was the smart solution, meaning more predictable and manageable storage costs with minimal hassle for the busy team. The company reached out to Preferred Media on a recommendation, and appreciated our proactive, co-operative approach.

The solution
We delivered not just a solution for current content assets, but a Production Archive Management Plan to handle future business. The plan is designed and tailored to this client’s specific needs, providing protection for rushes from the earliest possible point in the workflow.

All production content is duplicated on hard drives at shoot completion. While one copy goes to editors for immediate use, the other is sent to Preferred Media. Content is ingested into Preferred Connection, our Digital Asset Management platform.

Production metadata is captured along with the content. The content archive is fully searchable online and accessible by restore when needed. Meanwhile hard drives are returned to the resource pool for re-use. Finch makes the archive available to their clients for 6 months, after which ownership seamlessly transfers to their client.


“We chose Preferred Connection because it was a fully managed service. We just didn’t have the resources to devote to dealing with our project data. Our team used to spend hours sorting and searching for files. Now we have more time to focus on production and it really shows. We can deliver security for our clients; the rushes are protected from day one. Outsourcing to Preferred Media was definitely the smart choice for us. It really has made life easier.”

Corey Esse

Managing Director and Executive Producer, The FINCH Company

The benefits
for the production company include:

  • • Protect their investment from the earliest point in the workflow
  • • Adds value to their service
  • • Improved efficiency by redirecting internal resources towards core competencies
  • • Established processes create clarity regarding content ownership
  • • Find media projects quickly with powerful search and browse facility
  • • Reduced requirement for hard drives and storage space
  • • Ensures content is available upon client request
  • • Predictable and scalable operating cost instead of variable capex