• SMPTE 2017 report

    SMPTE 2017 report

    Preferred Media has set yet another milestone by exhibiting at the recent SMPTE event. We have been an avid supporter of industry events for years, notably associated with SPA (Screen Producers Australia) and short film festivals like the Dungog Festival. This year, for the first time we presented our unique service in a larger public forum. Our experience at SMPTE was extremely good. SMPTE attendees are concerned about managing content. Despite apparently lower attendance this...

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  • In-House DAM / MAM vs Managed Service: C&T Article

    In-House DAM / MAM vs Managed Service: C&T Article

    Preferred Media General Manager Rob Gallimore was featured in the June issue of Content and Technology. His article looks at whether to opt for in-house DAM or to choose an outsource provider. It covers areas like control, cost, time commitment and reliability. Even as providers of an outsourced service, we recognise outsourcing MAM may not be the right answer for everyone. We certainly recommend you think hard about alternatives before making a decision. And that's what...

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