• NAB Show 2017 report

    NAB Show 2017 report

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or so they say - but we’re going to share our thoughts on the National Association of Broadcasters show of April this year. A forum like NAB is a natural melting pot of ideas and concepts fuelled by technology development and sales enthusiasm. Preferred Media visits this and similarly important shows with the sole intention of keeping up with and staying ahead of the latest technology trends. We...

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  • Do your files play well with others?

    Do your files play well with others?

    Once upon a time, filenames were incredibly restricted. Names used to be limited to 8 characters! Now, with advances in Operating Systems, it can seem like a whole new world with no rules. At the same time, Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems and libraries like Preferred Connection reduce reliance on filenames too. When you have rich, searchable metadata built in, it doesn't matter quite so much what the filename is. But it's not quite that easy....

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  • Why we hate hard drives

    Why we hate hard drives

    When it comes to storing your precious content, you can’t trust hard drives. They’re like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. They look good, they sound like they should be easy, but beware! In the end, they create havoc and destruction. Here's why. 1. Hard drives fail Data shows that 5.1% of hard drives fail within 18 months. Nearly 20% fail within 4 years. That's fine if you're using them for your current project and then...

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