• Moving Images Survey 2019

    Moving Images Survey 2019

    How are Australians creating, distributing and managing media? Especially rich media like film, video and TVCs? The Moving Images Moving Landscape report last year uncovered some surprising insights. But a year is a very long time in media and it's time for an update. So the Preferred Media team are asking everyone who creates, funds or works with moving images to take our 2019 survey. One year's results are a snapshot. With two years of...

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  • Screen Forever 2018 – the highlights

    Screen Forever 2018 – the highlights

    Screen Forever 2018 is over. We survived four days of drinking, networking, learning, drinking and discussion. We even survived Jetstar and the weather, getting everyone back to Sydney in the end. It's time to reflect on the highlights. Here's the Preferred Media take on Screen Forever 2018. What we liked The networking. It's fantastic to meet so many people who are genuinely passionate about creating and distributing great content. The Forum Theatre. A stunning venue...

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  • Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018

    Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018

    The Moving Images Moving Landscape Report 2018 is now published and available online. We surveyed people in all areas of media, from advertisers and agencies to TV, film producers and broadcasters. Some of what we found out amazed us: Content producers are under pressure 1 in 3 say getting funding is significantly more difficult 52% say client budgets are decreasing Traditional content commissioners are increasing in-house content production A recent report from Screen Producers Australia noted similar issues....

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